We love our food here in Luleå. Everything from traditional Nordic cooking to culinary chocks from around the world.

In Sweden, Luleå is known for its fine dining restaurants such as Restaurang CG and Hemmagastronomi – two restaurants that rank high in the prestigious White Guide. But the facts are that Luleå has 11 restaurants and cafés listed in the White Guide. You can read more about that here.

But if you want to eat like the locals do, you must have one of our burgers. Luleå is home to Swedens best burger joint – Max. Max has for a long time been considered the best fast food burger in Sweden and continues to serve fast food with great quality.

Bastard Burgers, the hottest new burger place in Sweden, started out in Luleå. The Streetfood kings of the southern harbor surely know how to make a prime burger. Bastard Burgers recently finished in second place in the best burger in Sweden, all categories, by the trusted nerds at Burger dudes. This is a must if you want to grab a burger in Luleå.