In Luleå there is a strong passion for dining experiences, and it’s something clearly shown in our restaurants. The love of the local is strongly rooted in menus, but worldly trends and innovation are also reflected in the dishes served. Here there is something for everyone, whether you are drawn to fast food or fine dining.

In many eyes Luleå is probably most famous for its burgers. We dare to go as far as to say that Luleå is becoming the hamburger capital in Sweden. Max Hamburger restaurants, which year after year wins in the best fast food hamburgers competition, opened their third restaurant in Luleå in 1971 and the business changed its name to Max. One could say that it was the first ever Max restaurant that opened. In addition to its headquarters, there are no less than four restaurants in the city.

From Luleå comes the new star on the hamburger sky. We are of course talking about Bastard Burgers. At Bastard, they grind their own meat every day which they buy from farms in the local region. Bastard Burgers has quickly gone from an outsider to a well-known brand in hamburger affectionate Sweden. They are present in several cities in Sweden and were named Sweden's second-best burger in 2017.

Luleå is of course more than just hamburgers. Råvara and Sushibar are a good and healthy fast food option that offers both sushi and salads with high quality produce. Well, if you speak Swedish this is may not be so chocking when you here the name. The word Råvara in Swedish basically means good/fresh produce. The main restaurant is in the city centre, but they also have two more restaurants which have drive-in opportunities, one in Storheden and one at Midgårdsvägen. Perfect when you need something good and healthy on the go.

For those who want to have a glass of wine with a dear friend a late friday night there are several cozy restaurants to choose from. In the Old Brewery you will find Villgot Lokal and food. Villgot serves food based on the concept of Nordic Fusion; a mixture of local produce with international trends, flavours and cooking methods from other countries and cultures. To make it easier to see how much local produce used in each dish, Villgot has developed the Villgot circle. Perfect for those who want to know where the food comes from.

If you like rustic surroundings with a lovely sense of tavern, Cook's Krog is the restaurant for you. With a cozy rustic atmosphere of burnt brick and exposed wooden beams, Cooks offers a true feeling of the Swedish fredagsmys. Enjoy grilled meat dishes and local specialties from all over the region.

Bistro Norrland also loves the region's traditions. Here, local dishes are interpreted into their own food ideas in contrasting meetings between rustic foliage and classical innovation. The bistros also have innovative options for those who want to eat vegetarian. In the modern bistro, the restaurant offers lunches and high-class dining in collaboration with Norrbotten Theater's performances. If you want to be guaranteed a table, we recommend that you book in advance or arrive on time. The pressure is high during all working days of the year.

Are you a person who have a problem deciding and would like to have a little of each? Then Hotel Savoy's Jazzmatsalen is something for you. For lunch, two different dishes are served together with a large buffet of salads and condiments. Make sure you come hungry, it's impossible to leave Jazzmatsalen without unbuttoning.

During the evening the buffet is changed to the à la carte menu that consists of innovative dishes inspired by local and regional cuisine, some cooked on their own wood grill. Do not miss ordering a glass from the restaurant's own cocktail bar when you're there, we've heard it's very good.

Do you want to book a table, read more or find more restaurants in Luleå? You will find most of Luleå's restaurant here.