Drive-in, fast food or perhaps an N.Y.C inspired restaurant? In Luleå, quality burgers are never hard to find. If you love genuine Swedish Lapland/American cuisine with the burger as its centerpiece, you have come to the right city. Here you will find both legendary fast food institutions and celebrated rising street food stars.

The fact that Sweden’s most popular burger chain, Max, has its roots in Luleå is no secret. Currently, no fewer than three restaurants are required to satisfy Luleå’s need for more Max. The first Max restaurant ever can still be found on Midgårdsvägen, just outside the city center and is always worth a visit.

Bastard Burgers claim that they serve the best burger you have ever eaten. They may well be right. Their establishment is definitely an absolute must for all food lovers. Tastier, higher quality burgers are hard to find in Sweden. Celebrated not only by geeky burger reviewers but also by the locals themselves who are particularly fond of these burgers. Local, fresh ingredients, freshly baked bread, perfectly fried burgers made with freshly ground beef. Everything served in a classic fashion without too much fuss. Take your lead from the professionals and start with the signature dish, The Bastard, then take it from there. Oh and by the way, don’t forget to try the sweet potato chips, that would be a big mistake.

What about the locals’ favorite burger then? It may be found at the king of fast food establishments, Järnvägsgrillen. “Salad, sauce, onions?” has been their catchphrase for generations. Nothing more than that is needed when assembling the quintessential Luleå fast food burger. The JV Meal is a classic. More daring customers will no doubt love the monster meal “Loket”, 4 x 150-gram patties, salad, sauce, tomato, onions, bacon, melted cheese, two dipping sauces on the side, a gigantic serving of chips and a 1.5-litre soft drink. Eat at your own risk! In summer, you have the opportunity to sit outside, in a picturesque environment next to the train station, quite literally on the platform. For those of you newly arrived, or just about to board a train, there is hardly a more suitable eatery. If you would like to experience the culinary culture of Luleå, you simply must make a visit to Järnvägsgrillen.

Big Boy has found their own niche and is definitely worth a mention as one of the fast food establishments you should visit in central Luleå. Korvgubben is another true northerner. Korvgubben can be found on both Midgårdsvägen and Storheden, providing food for those traveling by car and eager to shop. Frasses is an authentic, local chain and a favorite with the locals since 1975.

It’s probably easier to say where you can not find a burger in Luleå. Other alternatives well worth a try can be found at The Bishops Arms, Allstar Bar, or O’Leary’s roof terrace.