New and exciting, or traditional and well-loved? In Luleå, you will find an exciting array of restaurants specializing in Chinese and Korean cuisine. Several of the classics are conveniently located in central Luleå, within walking distance of shopping, hotels, culture, and entertainment.


The Kuo family have been serving quality Hakka Chinese food in in Luleå since 1985. This has secured the Waldorf’s place as a popular family restaurant, for lunches as well as dinners, on weekdays and weekends alike. Here, both locals and tourists return year after year to enjoy the excellent level of service and the authentic food. Choose between Chinese, Japanese, meat, fish, and pizza. In summer, you can sit out on the terrace, enjoying the evening sun, the view of Luleå’s North Harbour and the Lule River.


However, there are many more options if you are looking for excellent Asian cuisine.


Goodwill, found in a convenient, central location, by the bus stop at the top of Storgatan, provides something modern and unique. Here you will find powerful flavors, fresh ingredients and exciting dishes using coriander, ginger, and chili. How about Sizzling Ninja Lamb, Red Pork of China, a Chinese Hot Pot or a Chinese Tapas Plate? Everything made mise en place. Add a homely, cozy atmosphere and you have everything you need for a guaranteed success.


Bringing their own, unique, Korean influences, the skilled chefs at Chowkeeng offer alluring dishes such as bulgogi, katsu, japchae, Korean spicy chicken and dubu buchim. Here, you can also enjoy Indian cuisine. Authentic Korean food, as well as great service and an ever inviting atmosphere, means that you will easily fall for – and return to Chowkeeng.


Influenced by Korean cuisine, rooted in Mongolia, with their hearts in Swedish Lapland, restaurants Sushi Odod and Odod Art have found their very own niche amongst Luleå’s Asian establishments. At the restaurant Odod Art, the owners have taken the concept of Sushi Odod one step further. Here, a modern yet authentic Asian eating experience awaits you, clearly influenced by both Japanese and Korean cuisines. The restaurant Odod can be found at the popular hotel Naran, in a central location, near train and bus connections. Odod Art is found just a stone’s throw away, on Storgatan.


Other gems conveniently located in central Luleå are the classics Östens Pärla and Restaurang Exotic, Chinese establishments to which tourists and locals alike return year after year to enjoy good, affordable food.


The fact is that regardless of which one of Luleå’s Chinese or Korean restaurants you choose, you will most likely be leaving fully satisfied, both with the flavors and the level of service.