There is hardly any residential area in Luleå that doesn’t have one or more pizzerias. That alone proves that we love pizza, does it not? However, it should also be proof that many of Luleå’s pizza places serve great food and have many happy, returning customers. Amongst the many gems and popular pizza makers, there are a couple that shines particularly brightly.


At Taverna Gusto, a place for connoisseurs in the city center, pizzas taste like they are supposed to. Here, you will find “fine Neapolitan pizza made in a wood-burning oven”, in the restaurant’s own words. Taverna Gusto has two sections: the pizza bar and the tavern. The pizza bar is for those of you who wish to enjoy great food in a relaxed environment. Here you can enjoy drop-in seating, takeaway, hanging out at the bar, after work events, DJs and generous opening hours. You will also find a cocktail bar, fine Italian wines and a wide range of beer. In summer, there’s sheltered seating in the sun, in one of Luleå’s most beautiful courtyards next to the renowned Bergströmska house.


Mediterran is something of an unexpected gem for pizza lovers, offering more unusual choices. Mediterran can be found in the Örnäset neighborhood and you can park right outside the door. At this little local restaurant, you will find an Italian charcoal grill, exciting pasta dishes, and wood oven baked pizza topped with fresh ingredients. Do try the boat-shaped Mezza Luna or carpaccio with air-dried beef, lemon and truffle oil. Mediterran does lie outside the city center, but for those who love pizza and would like to be able to park nearby, the restaurant is a gem.


Pastabacken is a landmark for all pasta aficionados in the region. It is actually one of the oldest operating restaurants in Luleå. Its name, literally “the Pasta Hill” comes from the sharply inclined street, Magasingatan, where it is located. It is a family business, guided by a passion for food and drink. In the open and charmingly chaotic kitchen, pizza tradition and the meat culture of Argentinian cuisine flourish side by side. Try their very own chorizo or the Lomito and Vacio meat dishes. When it comes to pizza, some gourmets would recommend the Internacionale with tenderloin and gorgonzola. Regardless of your choice, Pastabacken is always a pleasant, cozy place to enjoy good food. If you are really lucky, you might be treated to guitar playing and Spanish serenades, but that is not on the menu.


The Norwegian chain Pizzabakeren have quickly won the hearts of Luleå’s pizza lovers and become famous for their American-inspired, deep pan creations. Pizzabakeren is found in a central, convenient location. The place is highly popular for takeaways.


One of Luleå’s most popular pizzerias is Palma. You can park conveniently just outside the door. Palma’s signature pizzas are rich in fiber and made with whole wheat. This results in a crispy, flavorsome and more healthy pizza. You can also order all pizzas with regular dough. Whatever your choice, you will not be disappointed.