Are you one of the many who likes pure flavors, fresh ingredients, and Japanese cuisine?
Good! The range of sushi available in Luleå is steadily growing. In the city centre, you will find an array of restaurants to choose between, all high quality, all adding their own unique touch to pure Asian cuisine.


Sushibaren makes “Sushi Nordic style”, calling their restaurant a fusion between Nordic and Japanese. Choose between dishes such as Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, or the popular Sushi dish Fröya Salmon. This place is known for speedy service, fresh ingredients, and a top quality takeaway service. If you are in a hurry, it is wise to order in advance. At Råvara next door you will find salads made with creativity, quality, and love. Together, Sushibaren and Råvara have something for everyone.


At Sushi & Te in Luleå you can always enjoy beautiful dishes, fresh ingredients, and fantastic flavor experiences. Kojis Sushi & Te has been around for many years and becomes a highly appreciated establishment. When founder Koji opened the city’s first Sushi restaurant, he intended to offer only takeaway sushi, something that became very popular. Nowadays, this centrally located restaurant is called Sushi & Te. It is a lovely place to enjoy sushi in an uncluttered and calm, Japanese-style environment.


Influenced by Korean cuisine, rooted in Mongolia, with their hearts in Swedish Lapland, restaurants Restaurang Sushi Odod have found their very own niche amongst Luleå’s Asian establishments. Here there is something for everyone and on the menu you will find dishes such as maki, bento, bibimbap, karaake and tekke. The restaurant is particularly popular for lunches. At the restaurant Odod Art, the owners have taken the concept of Sushi Odod one step further. Here, a modern yet authentic Asian eating experience awaits you, clearly influenced by both Japanese and Korean cuisines. The restaurant Odod can be found at the popular hotel Naran. Odod Art is found just a stone’s throw away, on Storgatan, in a central location with train and bus connections nearby.