When you live in Luleå you have more to choose from, and more time to spend with you family, friends and on recreational activities. The short distance between your home, work, school and free-time activities makes life easier. The nature is always close. You can have your skis by the door and the boat by the dock.

Luleå is the heart of northern Sweden.
Luleå is the heart of northern Sweden.

Sunniest city

Luleå is a seaport with an stunning archipelago, among a lot of other things. Here you have everything in one place – outdoor activities, shopping, sports, culture and pleasures. It´s less expensive to live in Luleå compared to the big cities. Luleå have the cheapest rates for electricity, heat and water. We are also the sunniest city in Sweden.

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Personal stories from the citizens of Luleå. They are about the archipelago, sports, culture and everyday life as it is in the heart of northern Sweden.

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