Luleå Municipality is offering all freshman students registered as residents in Luleå a free bus pass valid for four months. A perfect opportunity to discover Luleå.

There is a lot to see and do in Luleå. In the city centre you'll find nice restaurants, cafés, boutiques and nightclubs. There is also a rich and vibrant cultural life with the House of Culture (Kulturens hus), theatres, art galleries, museums and a library.

Do not miss ”Luleå on ice” in march – a day when thousands of Luleå-locals gather on the ice in the Southern Harbour to enjoy the winter/spring and take part in numerous activities.

Or why not experience Swedens largest year-round-archipelago. Every winter an ice track is plowed up around the city as well as ice roads on which you can reach different islands, by car! In the summer you can go out to the islands in the archipelago with tour boats.

Sports fans can enjoy both basketball and hockey at an elite level. In Luleå you'll also find many local activity clubs, offering a wide variety of cultural- and sport activities.

How do I get my bus pass?

Please collect your bus pass as soon as possible after you have been registered as a resident in Luleå. Please note that you need to show your student registration certificate. The bus pass is valid August 21:st–December 31:st, 2017. Read more on how to pick up your bus pass below.

1. Download the student registration certificate

The certificate is printed from My university. Path: "Results" - "My certificate" - "Create new certificate" - "Registration Certificate" - "Basic or advanced level." Then select the current year.
You can also display the registration certificate digitally.

2. Download the registration certificate for residents

Printed via Skatteverket
You can also display the registration certificate digitally

3. Leave the certificates to LLT (the local bus company in Luleå)
You can leave certificates to LLT at their office LLT-info on Smedjegatan 13H, Luleå, to receive your bus pass. You can also leave certificates to LLT during "Nollemässan" 21 august, as well as during the whole week. 


The offer applies to you who are a freshman at Luleå University of Technology, studying at least on 75 percent and who are registered as a resident i Luleå. This offer also applies to freshman students who already are registered as residents in Luleå. Total value of the offer is SEK 1920. Please note that you need to show your student registration certificate as well as registration certificate for residents, in order to get your bus pass. NoteTo be able to register you as a residence in Luleå, you must have a Swedish personal identity number