Luleå’s restaurant scene has reached new heights

Something’s going on in Luleå. The city boils, fries, night-bakes, deep fries, sautés, braises, pickles and preserves , eats, drinks and enjoys every day of the week. Meet Luleå’s new, thriving restaurant culture. A small White Guide galaxy, well worth a visit for any food lover.

Luleå has around 10 entries in the prestigious White Guide but the city offers food far beyond that. When you are in Luleå, we would like you to treat yourself to better dining and we have a restaurant scene that can meet all your expectations.

Take a look at the map below to browse the many options. Below you will also find tips on the hottest restaurants right now.


Restaurang CG>>

Well renowned restaurant, listed in the White Guide. Here you can enjoy classic cuisine from the Luleå region, prepared with love. They also have their own bar, adjacent to the restaurant.


Restaurant using local ingredients to create high-class food.

Bastard Burgers>>

Would you like to enjoy a really good burger, made with the best local ingredients? Make your way here.

Villgot Lokal och Mat>>

Local ingredients with influences from other countries. Enjoy your food in an or brewery.  

Bistro Norrland >>

Modern bistro with focus on the local from the region. Also offers dinners in cooperating with Norrbottens Theatre. 

Cooks Krog >>

Rustic restaurant with burnt brick and visible wooden beams. Serves dishes with inspiration from the region. 

Råvara >>

Serves salads with big focus on the ingredients. In the same locale you´ll also find Sushibar. 

Jazzmatsalen >> 

Elegant restaurant with a grand buffet for lunch and dinners with a local twist. 



Bishops Arms >>

A classic pub with British influences. Offers a wide selection of beer and whisky.

Clarion Sky Bar>>

Enjoy a cocktail as well as the best view in the city. Spacious and luxurious.

O´Learys >>

The sports bar that also serves as a nightclub on Fridays and Saturdays. Plenty of space and never a dull moment.

Jazzmatsalen >>

A more elegant nightclub, offering a dancefloor and live music.


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