In September of 2015, Luleå inaugurated its reinvented cultural scene. Behind the doors of the Ebeneser Cultural Association difficult things will be made simple. Spontaneous culture at its best.

During the spring and summer of 2015, the renovation of the Ebeneser building was in full swing. The head of the project, Fredrika Johansson, says that they have been careful to keep the heart of the building, an atmosphere that breathes the 1920s.

“There are an incredible number of stories in the building and a feeling that we really want to preserve,” she says.

Fredrika Johansson says that the doors of the Ebeneser Cultural Association were closed when the Culture House opened in 2007, with the thought that they would be opened up again in the future. It is a non-profit cultural center that is run by cultural associations collectively. The Ebeneser Cultural Association acts as the umbrella association and the initiators behind the effort are Svartöns blues, Luleå Bugg & Swing (Swedish Bugg is a four-step dance) and Ersnäs amateur theater association.

Cultural associations in Luleå and Norrbotten are offered membership, and many more associations, enthusiasts and non-profit participants in the city of Luleå and Norrbotten County will be able to utilize the premises.

“It is a place for all who want to practice, enable or take part in various forms of culture. A venue that is easily accessible was needed and we wanted to change that. To make the difficult easy,” says Frederica Johansson.

Yes, whether planned or spontaneous, culture is always welcome. Fredrika Johansson believes that the activities should be structured in such a way that on short notice people will have the opportunity to take the stage. Or just when the desire arises.

“If a group of music students having coffee suddenly feel like giving a concert they have been working on at school, the should be able to do so, from one minute to the next.”

The Ebeneser Cultural Association is an open meeting place with fixed, generous opening hours and a café. Here you get everything in one spot that has to do with culture. Art, music, theater or something else.

“It’s about Luleå being an attractive city where more people can take part of culture. There must also be the chance to feel involved and participate. We will be in need of volunteers who will work the counter, wardrobe and more. There is a large volunteer effort that is the backbone of the operation.”

Text: Vanessa Cicero

Photo: Susanne Lindholm