In Luleå, sports are a natural part of life

No matter if you want to watch sports or participate in them yourself, Luleå is the place for you. In Luleå, we win the Swedish Championships in major sports, we shout our lungs out in the stands and we ski until our legs can’t carry us any further.

We recommend that you do the same.


Luleå Hockey>>

Watch a game with the men’s or women’s city teams. The women’s team are reigning Swedish champions and a superpower in European ice hockey. The men’s team pull the largest crowds and are the most popular team in Luleå. Book your ticket and experience the adrenaline rush at Coop Arena.

Luleå Basket>>

The reigning Swedish basketball champions are Luleå’s favourites. The women’s team is incredibly popular in the city, drawing large crowds to every game. It’s an experience in itself to be at Luleå Energi Arena when Luleå Basket are playing.

BC Luleå >>

The men’s basketball team is one of the basketball teams in Sweden, playing at what may well be the most modern basketball arena in Sweden, in central Luleå. BC Luleå has a long tradition of winning and spirits are always high when the team plays Luleå Energi Arena.


Pontusbadet >>

A newly renovated swimming complex, perfect for a bit of exercise on a cold day.

Inpuls >>

A gym with plenty of options, very close to the city centre.

Hermelinen >>

One of Luleå’s largest gyms. Located in the city, it has a lot more than just weight lifting to offer.


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