Luleå offers plenty of activities to fill your days with and our natural environment is something you simply have to see.

Luleå is a coastal city with water in reach wherever you turn. We are close to our beautiful archipelago but also to the rivers that surround the city. In the Råne River, fishing is often good, regardless of whether you’re after the salmon in the northern parts of the river or the pike, closer to the coastal mouth.

The Råne River is the largest forest river in Sweden and one of the few not developed for hydroelectric power, with long stretches running through un­touched nature. However, the Råne River has many faces – in some spots the flow of water speeds up and the otherwise calm fishing and canoeing river turns into a perfect place for whitewater rafting.

There is a lot to explore on land too. Our many, long hiking trails are great for those who wish to explore the flora and fauna. The Hertsöleden trail, exi­ting at the Ormberget recreation area, as well as the mighty boulder ridges of the Bälingeberget mountain, are two favourites amongst hikers.

More and more people choose fatbiking instead of hiking these days. This eye­catching bicycle with abnormally wide tyres will take you across sticks and stones, mires and sand. Exploring Luleå’s natural environment on a fatbike is a perfect way to get around, simultaneously providing an injection of adrenaline.

Climbers have great options for satisfying their needs at Snipen in Niemi­sel and Kvarnberget on Brändön where the inland ice sheet has moved large boulders to the coast – perfect for bouldering.

Our summer lasts for 100 days with no night, a natural environment that never sleeps and experiences that never end.

Swing clubs or swerve around on tracks

Luleå Golfklubb

Luleå has Sweden’s northernmost 27-hole course and it is likely to have some of the best lighting conditions in the world. Luleå’s midnight light means that you can even play a round in the middle of the night. Equipment can be hired on location (everything you need, as well as golf carts). Here you can also enjoy a good meal at Rutvik Golfrestaurang, serving Swedish fika and home cooked meals.

Golfängen Miniature golf

At Golfängen you will find an 18-hole course where you can challenge friends and family to a round of miniature golf in a scenic environment. Here you can also enjoy a fika at the canopied open-air cafe.


For those of you looking for high-speed experiences, you can go karting, solo or together – on a 690 metre track. The race track is loca-ted in a scenic environment by the Lulviksvägen road to the airport (opposite Nord-kalotten Hotell & Konferens).

Steel Park

Go for a ride at Sweden’s northernmost concrete park for skateboards, BMX etc. Here, you can ride all you like – the park is open to everyone 24/7!

Hertsö Organic Farm

Close to flourishing allotments, at the far end of the Hertsön residential area, is Hertsö Miljögård (Hertsö Organic Farm). There are sheep, rabbits, pigs, hens and nice barbecu-ing sites here. The café at Storgården serves homemade pastries, sandwiches and waffles. The farm has a garden of its own and the surrounding forest areas are wheelchair accessible. There are several trails, like the Health Trail, just nearby. Please note: the café doesn’t take credit cards.

Avans gårdsbutik

Between Luleå and Boden, on the south side of the Lule River, lies Avans gårdsbutik. On the farm, there are about 30 Gotland Pelt ewes. In the shop, you can buy pelts, yarn, handicraft and in the autumn there is also fresh lamb. The Swedish Lapland cousin of oilseed rape, turnip rape, also grows here. Turnip rape is nourished by the long, bright summer nights which give the oil its taste. Use it for baking, cooking and salads. It is also useful as a massage and body oil.