The sun shines in Luleå. The city is known as one of the sunniest places in Sweden and Luleå often sits at the top of Sweden’s sunshine league. With all this in mind, it is not very surprising that there are many nice bathing beaches in Luleå. Demand has created supply. If you are looking to enjoy a cooling dip, we have a couple of tips below:


  1. Gültzauudden

    A given place, both for families with children and for teenagers. Here you will find a pirate ship as well as a volleyball court. Within walking distance from the city, the scenic Gültzauudden lies near a playground, a café and toilet facilities.
  2. Svartöstan

    A well-preserved jewel near the city centre, located just outside the old mill town and very popular with the locals. The nicest beach is home to a beautiful old stone pier stretching out into the clear water of the river. Swim in water of just the right depth or lie and watch the passing boats.
  3. Tjuvholmssundet

    A nearby, yet untouched oasis in the archipelago, accessible by boat.
  4. Lulvikssundet

    Nice, well maintained and spacious with large lawns and barbecue sites. Watch out though, Lulviken is said to be the beach of choice for naturists in Luleå.
  5. Kvarnträsk

    Cosily hidden away in the forests beyond Bergnäset.
  6. Notviken

    A number of pleasant beaches with a classic atmosphere. Cycle along the nice forest trail and visit them all.
  7. Niporna

    Karlsvik’s genuine gem. Close to Arcusbadet, First Camp and a really inviting café. You will be sheltered, with a steep sandy slope behind you. A narrow beach with clear water and an amazing view of the river.
  8. Lulsundet

    Beautiful, central location. Popular family bathing beach with large green areas and parking near the beach.
  9. Storsand

    Wide sandy beach offering pleasantly shallow bathing near the Storheden commercial district. Child-friendly and convenient, yet unspoilt and scenic.
  10. Möröbadet

    Möröbadet is a child-friendly bathing beach located at Ersnäsfjärden, south of Luleå.
  11. Rörbäcksbadet

    Rörbäcksbadet is located on a peninsula in Jämtön, north of Luleå. Here you will also find a campsite, as well as the easternmost mainland harbour in the Luleå region, capable of receiving quite large ships and also home to a guest harbour. Bathing happens on a nice, sandy beach, excellent for younger children as the water is quite shallow.
  12. Arcusbadet

    At First Camp Luleå you will find the popular Arcusbadet, entertaining both young and old alike. Here, there is a cool aqualand with a wave machine and a long water slide. In the area, you will find a grill, a kiosk, as well as changing rooms with toilets and open air showers.
  13. Aronsbadet

     Aronsbadet is a free public swimming pool at Örnäset. Here you will find a pool with a water slide and a small children’s pool. You will also find hot dogs, ice cream, snacks, candy and drinks for sale at the kiosk.
  14. Rånepoolen

    Rånepoolen is a heated outdoor swimming pool. Here you will find a pool, a waterslide, a children’s pool, a kiosk, changing rooms, large lawns and spaces for play offering opportunities for relaxation on hot summer days. Adjacent to the pool lies a tennis court and an artificial grass pitch.