In Luleå, you can always hear the sweet sound of music – our city has brought bands such as Movits!, Hurula, Zacke, Rekyl, Raised Fist, Mattias Alkberg and many others to the Swedish music scene.

Luleå is the Swedish city where citizens are most satisfied with the availability of cultural events and this is most likely due to our festival summers. Starting in early July with Luleå hamnfestival (the Luleå Harbour Festival), a classic city festival that has changed its name many times but has always brought the people of Luleå into the streets and attracted visitors from all over Sweden. The fact is that Luleå hamnfestival is one of the largest events in all of Swedish Lapland, with around 130,000 visitors every year – and entrance to the festival area is completely free.

The main stage has hosted a succession of major artists and there’s hardly anything more “Luleå” than listening to Movits! rapping about their hometown, with the North Harbour as a backdrop.

Also, you mustn’t miss Musikens Makt, the creative, groundbreaking festival that hosts an array of exciting acts every year. This progressive festival first ran in 2009 and it gets it name from a magazine published during the heyday of the prog rock movement. The festival takes place on Gültzauudden in Luleå, a scenic location, perfect for a festival like Musikens Makt, with the Lule River in the background, on its way to the sea. There are no beer tents here, but that makes for all the more of a pleasant atmosphere. The organisers’ ambition is to hold a welcoming festival where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. Musikens Makt are proud to offer their audience a gender equal line-up – they always make sure that at least 50% of the acts booked are predominantly female.

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