If both children and adults should get enough of the sun and heat, or if it's raining, there is also plenty of family activities indoors in Luleå. Take a learning day at Teknikens Hus and discover more about paper making, take a guided tour of an underground mine or land an airplane. Jump, play and roll off a lot of surplus energy at Leos Lekland and 360 Trampoline Center after a great shopping trip or challenge the kids and play bowling at O'Learys. If it's not enough, there is the city's bathhouse. Soon everyone is ready for more outdoor stays again.

360 trampoline center

An adventure beyond the usual can be found in the 2,200 sqm hall, located in the middle of Storheden shopping area. In addition to all the attractions, there are conference rooms and a section for coffee and relaxation. Activities in the trampoline park are suitible for all age groups.


The infamous Alcatraz prison outside San Francisco in the United States has named Luleå's latest experience facility, 10,000 square feet in three levels. Here are; go-kart, VR games, laser game, paintball, spa, bowling, flea market and Prison Island - a challenging adventure where you solve tasks in prison cells. When you get hungry and thirsty, there is a foodcourt with varied food and alcoholc rights. The entrence is free at Alcatraz, you pay for the activities you choose.

Boule- and extrem sports hall

The Boule and Extreme Sports Hall is located in Örnäset residential area. There is a boule hall with several lanes and an extreme sports hall for skateboarding, BMX, inlines and kickbike. In the boule hall there are ten lanes with approved measures for national and international competitions. The extreme sports hall / skate hall is a indoor hall for skate, BMX, Inlines.

Gallery y

In the heart of Sunderby Folk High School you will find Gallery Y. With the Art School next door we present new exciting exhibits signed by both external and internal artists each month.

Kulturens Hus

Kulturens Hus, in the center of Luleå, is a popular meeting place filled with life and pleasure. We are Luleå's cultural hub, creative engine and an obvious place for networking and meetings of both personal and professional character. There are concert halls, nice conference facilities, city library, art gallery, tourist office, restaurant and café. At the top of the house there is also the tenant Norrbotten music.

Leos Playland

The Nordic region's largest playland chain. There is space for lots of play, fun and adventure for children from 1 year and upwards.

Norrbotten railway museum

Norrbotten Railway Museum is one of Sweden's largest railway museums located in a scenic area of the old industrial community in Karlsvik, 6 km from Luleå city center. The main focus of the museum is to preserve and display objects that are related to Malmbanan, but there are also vehicles, buildings and other objects taken from different places in Norrland. During the summer, timetable museum trains run on Gammelstad-Karlsvikshyttan railway.

Norrbottens museum 

The exhibitions of Norrbotten museum depict Norrbotten, heritage and surroundings. Today's culture, documentary projects, cultural history and art are included in the range. Based on current issues, historical stories, culture and society, museum seekers of all ages are offered showings, workshops and lectures.

The museum café, with coffee, home-baked, lunch sandwiches and Wi-Fi, is an inspiring environment to relax in. In the museum shop there are Norrbotten handicrafts and literature on and from Norrbotten for sale.

O´learys Event Center 

O’Learys is informal event restaurants in the style of a Bostonian neighborhood bar, regardless of where they are. We offer our customers a complete experience, with a combination of sports, American food, a well-defined environment and a friendly atmosphere with music and other forms of entertainment. The concept is targeted at a wide range of customers, both private individuals and business people.

Padel 365

Here you can play padle and golf 365 days a year, around the clock. In the hall there are two padle courts, a golf simulator, dressing room with shower for ladies and gentlemen and a shared sauna. All bookings and payments are made via the internet.

The Pontus Bath

The Pontus Bath is a charming bath in 50's architecture focused on different types of training and swimming competitions. The swimming pool is used as frequent by swimming associations as individual visitors and athletes.


A gaming hobby shop and meeting place for families, game nerds and everyone else who is curious about non-digital games. The shop, with its associated activity area, is located behind the fire station in Luleå city center. There are games to borrow and a huge range to buy from.

Teknikens Hus

Sweden's northernmost science center. A popular getaway for the family, often over several generations. Discover the technology in our world, explore together or on your own.