The Lule River. Good salmon and trout fishing in the Gäddvik area. Perch, pike and whitefish can be fished from the city beaches, or by boat out in the open archipelago. In winter, many people go ice fishing on the ice surrounding the city. The best way to catch both perch and get a tan.

The Råne River offers varied fishing. Large pike are not uncommon, especially near the river mouth. Salmon, trout and grayling are also found here. Higher up the river,you can also find zander. Perch are of course found throughout the length of the river. Also, do not forget the crayfish premiere in August! Sport fishers will find a number of pleasant tributaries of the Råne River, with good grayling and trout. Wild salmon is the largest fish you can catch here, however. Trout are protected all year round in the Råne River. However, at the river mouth and out at sea, fishing is permitted.

Lake Hovlössjön. The largest lake in the Luleå region has a strong trout population. Trolling is recommended here. 

Lake Hertsöträsket. Lake near the city, with introduced rainbow trout. The lake also has pike and perch. Ice fishing in winter. 

Lake stora Stenträsk. Lake in the northwestern corner of Luleå Municipality with introduced fish, rainbow trout and Arctic char. Good ice fishing in winter.

Lake Mittitjärn, Niemisel. Smaller lake near Niemisel in the Råne River valley with introduced fish.

Lake Metträsket, Jämtön. Lake a few kilometres north of Jämtön, with introduced rainbow trout.

The Archipelago. The Luleå archipelago offers interesting fishing. Here you will find large pike, as well as perch, whitefish, grayling, salmon and trout. Away from the river mouths, rod fishing is unrestricted, no licence is required. The river mouths and shallow waters close to some of the islands in the archipelago are best for pike. The outer parts of the archipelago offer good grayling fishing. The experience is something quite extraordinary to fly fishers, as the whole sea appears to boil. In autumn, vendace is fished for its roe. Kalix vendace roe is a famous delicacy. Ice fishing for perch, whitefish and grayling works well in the archipelago.

Good to know. Please take care to ensure that you are fishing in permitted waters and have the right licences. Respect local regulations, such as the permitted number of fish, minimum measurements and salmon gill tags. More information available at the Tourist Centre and local service providers.

Get a fishing licence. For fishing in the Råne River – buy a licence at the Råneå Medborgarkontor and at the OKQ8 Råneå Sörsidan petrol station. You can also buy a licence online, through Sportfiskarna. For several of Luleå’s fishing water and Hertsöträsk you can buy a licence at the Luleå Tourist Centre.

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