You are standing on the river bank and you see the water whirling. You can feel a rush of adrenaline when you realise that in just a little while you will be travelling on the frothing water in a rubber raft. River rafting will shake you up and make you feel alive. You will most likely squeal with delight all the way. Your wet clothes will dry, but the feeling will remain for the rest of your life.


Close to Luleå you will find not one, but several amazing rivers flowing from the majestic Swedish mountain world out into the beautiful Gulf of Bothnia. The rivers transform throughout the seasons. In spring, the whirling river thunders ahead, making it an excellent season for a true whitewater rafting experience.


The ever-changing water level gives rise to an array of different experiences. The spring flood shifts from year to year and day to day. At its highest, river rafting is a high-speed adventure, an adrenaline rush and a challenge for daredevils. When the spring flood has passed, the experience is a more balanced one, a rush in places but also sometimes tranquil. The river is difficult to tame and fights back against kayaks and rubber rafts, every now and then relenting. Sometimes you can just float downstream, enjoy and catch your breath. The beautiful Råne River runs through natural forests and untouched wetlands. The river provides an amazing environment for canoeing and kayaking, except for when it is taken over by forceful rapids, perfect for whitewater rafting. In summer, the natural environment comes to life, welcoming and sleepless.


This is an activity that requires a skilled guide and luckily there are many available in the Luleå area. With Creactive Adventure you have the option of combining high-speed whitewater rafting in the Råne and Kalix rivers, with conferencing at a wilderness facility, offering a sauna and hot tub bathing, or an overnight stay for two in an authentic wilderness cottage. Activities range from a few hours to expeditions over several days in the amazing river valleys of Lapland and Norrbotten. Råne Älvdal and Creactive also offer world-class sports fishing and sea kayaking in the Rånea and Luleå archipelago. True daredevils can also have a go at even more extreme and demanding whitewater rafting on the Pite River. Guide Love Rynbäck also offers friendly company and good coffee.


All river paddling guides are professional and highly experienced. Equipment such as helmets and life vests, wetsuits and waterproof shoes are always available. You will always be given all the instruction you need and ample information about what exactly awaits downstream.


Explore Luleå is a company collaborating with Creactive Adventure to offer exciting travel packages, brimming with action-filled outdoor experiences and activities such as whitewater rafting, climbing, cycling, and kayaking.