“For a long time, people did not want to market it. We preferred to keep it to ourselves.”, as E. Hannertz once said about the people of Luleå and their love of their archipelago. This has made the archipelago well-preserved and dormant, perfect for adventure and experiences, or for quiet, never-ending days. Nowadays, it is also more welcoming and accessible for those traveling in their own boat. Read on to find out more about the guest harbors of this vast archipelago.


It’s difficult to talk to locals living in the archipelago without feeling an urge to be there.
Those used to life in the archipelago often say that you leave everything behind on the mainland. Worldly things leave your mind and time itself slows down. Here, there is a fresh fragrance, an aroma of the sea and not harbor. The air is clear and the water brackish. The weather shifts. Sun turns to summer rain and mirror-like waters become stormy seas.

Using your own boat, you have the freedom to explore this well-preserved island world. You can dock at natural harbors and have entire islands to yourself. The archipelago is wild but also flat, accessible and safe for children. Here, your fantasy is free to roam. Go bathing in the freshwater of Swedish Lapland’s mighty rivers. Further out, the river meets the sea and the water becomes brackish.

On many of the islands in the Luleå archipelago, you can dock at guest harbors, well protected against all weathers. At many of the guest harbors, you will also find cottages available to rent and saunas where you can clean up after a long day out at sea.
Cottage hosts are stationed at several of the guest harbors between midsummer and mid-August. Most of the guest harbors have landing stages, dry toilets, refuse facilities and campfire sites stocked with firewood.

Some of the council-run guest harbors charge a fee. You can buy a day pass on location or a season pass that gives you access to most harbors. The season pass can be bought at the Luleå Tourist center. You can also buy the pass on location from one of our cottage hosts on Junkön, Kluntarna or Småskär, during high season.


You will find council-run guest harbors on the following islands:

  • Altappen
  • Brändöskär
  • Hindersön
  • Junkön
  • Kluntarna
  • Sandön/Klubbviken
  • Småskär

On this page you will find more information about Luleå Guest harbours

Fairway maps and navigation
Would you like tips and advice on how to navigate the archipelago in the quickest possible way and how to avoid running aground? Talk to the Luleå Tourist Centre. There, you will also find fairway maps, excursion maps and a book about the archipelago, Din egen lots till Luleå Skärgård (Your Own Guide to the Luleå Archipelago) for sale. This book also contains maps for sailing into the respective harbors.


However, the archipelago is also accessible for those of you without your own boat. Boat traffic to the larger islands is accessible and comfortable.

Tour boat traffic and time tables