Luleå’s close proximity to water means that water sports have a natural place in our everyday lives. This can be seen not least in the skilled canoers nurtured by the city – members of Sweden’s national team such as Joel Elenius and Henrik Strand have honed their skills on Skurholsmfjärden.

Training opportunities for elite canoers are good but options for leisure paddlers who wish to experience Luleå’s natural environment are even better. Rent a canoe, take a look at our kayaking guide and get out there. It is an experience not to be missed. In Luleå you can choose between canoeing on the open sea, along our rivers or on our lakes. You are never far away from calm kayaking waters. To allow you to make the most of your experience we have developed a kayaking guide in collaboration with experienced practitioners, our Kayaking guide to help you find the waters that are just right for you. We recommend that you either download the guide, or that you collect a printed copy from the Luleå Tourist Centre, found inside Kulturens Hus in central Luleå. In the kayaking guide we have compiled a selection of both simpler and more challenging routes, covering day trips as well as longer excursions.

Important to know

  • The archipelago is relatively shallow with an average of only 10 m. This means short, steep waves when the wind blows. It also means that shallows and rocks can be found in the middle of a large inlet.
  • The water level is heavily affected by winds and air pressure. Low and high water can differ as much as 2 metres
  • Southern and south-western winds are the most common in summer and all crossings in the archipelago are more or less affected by these winds. The nights are light and usually calm, on a windy day you can go paddling at night instead.

Food and lodging in the archipelago

Brändön lodge: Cottages with well-equipped cottages each accom-modating up to 4 guests. Choose between hotel standard and self-catering. Sauna for hire. Summer café. Lunch/dinner for groups booked in advance.

Gültzauuddens sommarcafé: A lush park with a bathing beach, on the edge of the city peninsula. A café is hosted inside a replica of Luleå’s old City Hall.

Hamnköket: Family owned summer restaurant, bar and café at the Lövskär harbour. Here, they cook gourmet food with local, organic ingredients and plenty of passion.

Jopikgården: A gem on Hindersön with hotel rooms in the main building and 4-bed rooms in Dränglängan. Restaurant with focus on local produce.

Kallax gårdsbutik: Apartment for hire in one of the houses at the farm. Farm café and store featuring local delicacies and handicraft.

Klubbviken: Luleå’s sea bath is found at Sandön, near the city. Here are five wellequipped cottages each accommodating up to 4 guests, as well as 13 small, simple cabins by the fairway, with room for 2 guests each. Restaurant by the guest harbour with two large patios.

Kolarens café: Summer café in the old manor at Niporna. Beautiful view of the river. Everything on the menu is homemade.

Kängsön: Summer café in Råneå Båtklubbs (Boating Association’s) cottage at Nordanskär. Plain but scenic campsite next to the beach at Nordanskär.

Rent a cabin

On the islands Junkön, Småskär, Brändöskär and Kluntarna you will find simple yet fully functional cabins for hire. Book at

Brändöskär: Five cabins available for hire. Laxen, Strömmingen, Öringen, Harren and Löjan. The cabins have propane stoves, wood-burning stoves and outhouses. There is a well on the island. There is also a wood-burning sauna.

Junkön: Two four-bed cabins are found near the fishing harbour and the archipelago museum. Wood-burning stove, electrical stove, refrigerator and lighting. The cabins have running water and a small bathroom with a toilet and shower.

Kluntarna: Three cabins available, two 4-bed and one 10-bed cabin. Here you will also find two saunas and a nature centre. The cabins have propane stoves, wood-burning stoves and outhouses. During high season, the cabins are maintained by hosts, during that time drinking water is available. Visiting outside high season? Please bring your own water.

Småskären: At the Bullerhamnen harbour your will find two cabins for hire with four beds each, one host cabin and a sauna with a relax room. The cabins have propane stoves, wood-burning stoves and outhouses

Guided tours and rentals

Take a tour with a skilled instructor – options for beginners and experienced kayakers alike. Also rentals for unguided tours.

Canoe Adventure North. Rentals and shop.

Creactive Adventure

Explore Luleå

Lapland Archipelago

Kayak rental


Jopikgården, Hindersön

Luleå Kajakklubb, Kanotcentral

Äventyrsbutiken Hägglunds. Also equipment rentals..

First Camp, Arcus

Friluftsfrämjandet, Luleå

Kayak guide

For suggested routes for kayaking, download the guide in pdf-format:

Kayaking routes of Luleå archipelago >> (ENG).

Or order a printed copy från Luleå Turistcenter.


Rent canoe/kayak

Äventyrsbutiken Hägglunds 

Luleå Kajakklubb, Kanotcentral 

Luleå Archipelago Adventures 

Canoe Adventure North 

Brändö konferens & fritidsby 

Klubbviken, Sandön 

First Camp, Arcus


Guided day trips

Explore Luleå  

Ouroboros - Luleå Archipelago Adventures 

Canoe Adventure North

Creactive Adventures