Are you planning to sail in the Luleå archipelago? Or maybe sail to Luleå along the beautiful eastern coast of Sweden? Good plan. Both the journey and the destination provide amazing natural experiences with a stunning coastline, an ever-changing archipelagic landscape and plenty of harbors in which you can dock. Welcome to Luleå, sailor!

The Luleå archipelago is part of the archipelago of the Gulf of Bothnia, Sweden’s northernmost island world. It stretches from Skellefteå down south to Haparanda up near the Finnish border in the northeast. Dock at your very own, peaceful bay and explore a vast, dramatically shifting landscape.

There are several different options for sailing to Luleå and the Bothnian archipelago. You can choose to travel along the coast in protected waters with many natural harbors and guest harbors to choose between. On your journey up through the Gulf of Bothnia, you will pass many beautiful archipelagos whilst avoiding the open sea, if you wish to. Many sailors love the journey north and a stop in Härnösand is often recommended. Take your time and explore the lovely bays along the High Coast.

For those of you who love the open sea, there are other good options. The shortest route from Bornholm to Luleå is 660 nautical miles. Along the way, you will pass several larger cities where you can stop to rest and restock your supplies.

The Luleå archipelago contains 1,312 ever-changing islands, shaped by all manner of weather conditions, midwinter cold and the magical midnight light of summer. Here you will find well-preserved history and a natural environment rich in variation, with unique flora and fauna. The people of Luleå long wanted to keep this vast archipelago near the city to themselves. This has protected the area and conserved it as a tranquil place. In the archipelago, you will find cottages available to rent, guest harbors where you can stop for the night and saunas where you can clean up after a long day out at sea. Cottage hosts are stationed at several guest harbors during the period between midsummer and mid-August. On some of the islands, you will also find restaurants.

Would you like tips and advice on how to navigate the archipelago in the quickest possible way and how to avoid running aground? Talk to the Luleå Tourist Centre. There, you will also find fairway maps, excursion maps and a book about the archipelago, Din egen lots till Luleå Skärgård (Your Own Guide to the Luleå Archipelago) for sale. This book also contains maps for sailing into the respective harbors.

Questions? Contact Luleå Tourist Center!

Welcome to the Luleå archipelago, sailor!