Tour boats to the largest and most popular island destinations in the archipelago are available during the summer and autumn. You can choose between shorter day trips and longer tours with the option of staying overnight on one of the islands, in the archipelago cottages that are available to rent.

  • The M/S Stella Marina is Luleå’s ‘bathing shuttle’, going between Södra Hamnplan in the city centre and Klubbviken Havsbad.
  • The M/S Symfoni departs from Södra Hamnplan and takes you from pier to pier between the islands in the archipelago. Light meals are served onboard. For more and faster transports to and from Hindersön there is a possibility to change to Hilda by Hindersön at Klubbviken.
  • You can board The M/S Laponia at the Teater­kajen quay in Luleå’s North Harbour. Choose her if you wish to go on a cruise. The boat is well equipped and accessible for the disabled, with a restaurant kitchen, two lounges and a sun deck

Timetablefor the archipelago boats availableat the Tourist Centrein Kulturens Husand online at:


Luleå’s most popular archipelago island. Here, you can experience most of the different types of environment found in the archipelago by walking the beautiful hiking trails. Near Victoriaklippan, colloquially known as Kluntgubben (the Klun-tarna Man) are remains from the foundations of the first fishing camps on the island. Also, don’t miss the labyrinths and the compass rose, the fields of shingle and the old har-bour. The island has three cottages and two sauna facilities, as well as a nice harbour where you can moor your own boat.


This island is famous for its archipelago museum and gallery. Another tourist attraction is the 18th century windmill. The island has two rental cottages and a sauna.


Hindersön is one of the larger islands in the Luleå archipelago. People lived here as early as the 16thcentury, with fishing, farming and sealing as their main livelihoods. The island had an iron ore mine in the late 19th century, as well as a limestone and marble quarry in the early 20th century. Here you will also find Jopikgården, a family hotel with a restaurant, as well as a sauna with a panoramic view.


The largest island in the archipelago. Klubbviken sea bath is here with long, sandy beaches. You come here if you want to bathe, have a snack, dine or enjoy evening entertainment. Make time to take a walk along the footpath of the island and visit the shingle field at Lappmyrberget.


Brändöskär lies on the outer rim of the archipelago and is famous for its fishing camp, its chapel and the statue of Christ (by artist Erik Marklund). Picturesque boathouses line the beach whilst the cottages on the island are situated on the mountain. Here, there are also cottages available to rent.


The fishing camp on the island has long played an important role in Luleå’s history and has been around since the 16th century. There are several smaller beaches here and also a rich bird life. Around 40 species of breeding birds and grey seals are often visible west of the island. The chapel at Småskär was built in the 1720’s, making it the oldest in the Luleå archipelago. There are two cottages available to rent here, as well as a sauna

The archipelago is amazing and really something you should experience. Luleå Tourist Centre will help you with information on how to get there, things to consider when visiting and how to rent cottages that are property of Luleå Council. They also have great tips on experiences and activities. Call them on: (+46)(0)920 45 70 00