Jet skiing is a popular activity and you will notice that there are many people out on jet skis on beautiful summer days. For many, it’s a way to reach their holiday homes, for others it’s an adrenaline-seeking joyride and for some it is a nuisance, disturbing the peace in the archipelago.

If you intend to go jet skiing in Luleå it is important that you follow rules and show respect to other people in the area. Jet skis are powerful vehicles and should not be treated like toys, even though they handle playfully and their enormous power is inviting to play with. There are clear rules stating how to act at sea on a jet ski. Basically, these rules mean that you can only jet ski along demarcated fairways. You are also allowed to traverse open water for the purpose of reaching a fairway. These fairways are listed on this website, where rules are also outlined in greater detail.

Rent a jet ski

So, now that that walkthrough is out of the way, we have some good news for you. In Luleå, you can rent a jet ski and pay per day. Renthere, located in Kallax, near the airport, has several different models for hire and also offers guided tours. In order to make the most of your booking it is a good idea to contact the company well in advance so that they can tailor the experience to your needs.
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