Sauna culture is strong in Swedish Lapland. Part of the explanation is our close proximity to the homeland of the sauna, Finland – and also that many Finns and specifically Torne Valley Finns have moved to the city. It is not uncommon for houses in Luleå to be built with a sauna.

Practically every gym and swimming pool complex has a sauna too, so if you would just like to give it a try, a visit to that kind of establishment is one option. However, if you would like to get closer to the genuine sauna experience, we have a couple of more refined options. If you are a visitor, or a local without a sauna of your own for that matter, hiring a sauna for an evening is a great experience – often quite a unique experience.

We have listed a few recommendations available for booking below:


Bengans bastuflotte (sauna raft):

The floating sauna in the Luleå archipelago is much more than a sauna Despite this, amongst the people of Luleå, it is known simply as “bastuflotten”, the sauna raft. All year round, both summer and winter, it lies anchored at Stensborgsviken. Stensborg is located about 15 minutes by boat from central Luleå. Aboard the raft, you and your company can enjoy a sauna, a true, wood-fired sauna. Boat transfer is available and you can also book dinner out on the raft.


Sauna raft in the North Harbour:

In Luleå’s North Harbour, Luleå Paintball operate a sauna raft that you can hire for an evening. The raft could hardly be in a better place than this iconic harbour. Here, you can watch the sunset and cool off in the fresh water. Dinner is an option here as well. Activities such as jetskiing or paintballing can be combined with an evening aboard the sauna raft.


Sauna in the archipelago:

Saunas are also available on the large islands where Lulea Council has cottages to let.

This applies to the islands of Brändöskär, Junkön, Kluntarna and Småskär. The saunas are only bookable on location and are open to all visitors free of charge. Sauna booking is made manually on each island and after you have used the facilities, you must clean up after yourself and restock the firewood store. For more information about the islands and how to book the cottages, please visit this link.