Colouring, conditioning, trimming, a classic shave or a whole new look for your winter weekend, summer holiday or business trip? Central Luleå is packed with skilled hairdressers and stylists. Combine shopping, restaurant visits and entertainment with beauty and relaxation.


At Lyxx, you may, in their words “find your most beautiful self” and also experience also pure enjoyment. Here you will find hairdressers, makeup artists, masseurs, certified skin and spa therapists. Visit their day spa for a massage or facial and full body treatments for both men and women.


Lyxx is also home to the barber Sweeney Todd. Don’t let the name scare you away. Krister is a classically trained barber with razor-sharp skills and a steady hand. Experience the best kind of classic cut-throat shave. Hot towels over your face, thick shaving cream whipped with a brush, soothing oils and a perfuming to wrap it all up. The shaving blade is carefully sharpened using a razor strop just before the procedure begins, in the vintage styled barber shop.


The well-renowned Erikssons Frisersalong has had happy customers since 1934. Today, the hairdressing salon on Kungsgatan is Luleå’s number one place for drop-in customers, perfect for travelers or those of you with a spontaneous lifestyle, in need of a quick brush up. Here, you can also park just outside. Erikssons is popular with both young and old alike.


At Salon Znygg, artistic perspectives shine through. Here you will meet hairdresser, makeup artist and artisan Mia Viltok. Are you looking for a new hairdo, lashes, lash extensions, eyebrows or makeup? Then you have come to the right place. As a customer here you can relax and just allow yourself to be pampered. The coffee is freshly brewed and the teacups are steaming hot.


Colour with courage. Hair with flair. Gossip is the salon that makes Luleå a more colorful place. A haircut, extensions, or “Party Perfect” styling? Beauty is daring. The style is created when you go beyond the usual, take a step further and stand up for who you are. Welcome to a real beauty salon.


Sax & maskin is considered one of the best hairdressing salons in Sweden. A visit to this lively salon with its very own, distinguishing character, is an experience quite unlike anything else and the end result is always stunning. Here, you are in for a complete transformation. Make sure to book well in advance as there is no drop in appointments available.

These are but a few of the many excellent salons found in central Luleå. Book a visit and become beautiful!