Working out makes us healthier. Sure, the holidays are for relaxing and enjoying life, but there’s no reason to give up your fitness regime completely. Definitely not in Luleå.


When visiting Luleå for business or pleasure you will find many walking paths and running trails near the city centre, cross-country running trails, fitness facilities and outdoor gyms. Luleå also offers a range of high-quality, welcoming gym facilities near the city centre.


The gym Inpuls  can be found in two locations. Their large gym is next door to the Elite Hotell, perfect for conference guests and business travellers. Here you will find everything you could ever need and the facility itself is excellent. Would you like to get even more out of your workout and take the opportunity to develop it, to improve your health and physique even further? Working out with a personal trainer means that every hour invested is sure to give results and you will reach your goals much faster. Along the way you will also be learning more about fitness, food and other factors that influence your health. Perhaps go to a group event? Intense and efficient for those of you looking to get a lot done in little time. Choose between 3D 45, Body Step, Core 30, Grit Strength and many more. The small Inpuls gym with generous opening hours can be found inside the renowned mall, Shopping, on Storgatan.


Hermelinen is Luleå’s second largest, fully equipped gym, in a convenient, central location near both car parks and hotels. All the professional sports teams in Luleå, Luleå Hockey, the IFK Luleå football team and the city’s two basketballs teams, come here to work out – and for good reason. There is not only a complete gym, but also physical therapists, specialist care and surgery. Why not enjoy a relaxing massage – or book a boxing session and wrap it up with a swim in the gym’s heated pool?


The Actic gym is found in one of Luleå’s most renowned buildings, Pontushallen, next door to both a swimming pool complex and the city’s basketball arena. In addition to a complete gym in a wonderful environment, you will have access to one of the finest swimming pool complexes in Sweden. The changing rooms with mosaic floors and teak interiors, listed for preservation as part of the cultural heritage, are an experience in themselves. After swimming a couple of lengths in the well-preserved 1950’s pool you can enjoy either a steam sauna or a classic sauna.

Fittnes24Seven is an affordable gym suitable for those with unconventional sleeping patterns and routines. This well-equipped gym is found in a central location and, as the name reveals, accessible 24/7. There is a large section with free weights and a separate women’s gym with full cardio and strength training sections.