In Luleå you will find a number of quality options for dental care. Do not hesitate to get your teeth taken care of, no matter if it is an emergency or a planned treatment.


Planned treatments with private dentists are often more cost-efficient here than in other Nordic countries – Sweden is famous for high quality dental care.


Tandborsten provides all kinds of adult dental care. The clinic has extensive experience and provides implants and aesthetic treatments as well as regular and emergency dental care. Tandborsten are known for their capacity to accept emergency patients quickly, sometimes even on the same day.


The Hermelinen  dental clinic is found in central Luleå. They will help you with everything from general dental care to advanced implants and treatments, bridges, root treatments and tooth whitening.


Tandlaget, is another well-renowned private practice, highly skilled in everything from routine assessments to dental surgery. They treat both children and adults, those with dental anxiety and those looking to get a more beautiful smile. Come as you are – Tandlaget will know what you need.


Folktandvården and Tandvårdscentralen are located in central Luleå and will handle both emergencies and planned dental care. Are you from another Nordic country? Then, you have the same rights to dental care as Swedish citizens. This applies regardless of whether you are here temporarily or if you are a so called cross-border commuter. The only thing required is some sort of identification, passport, national identity card or similar. You should also be able to provide a residential address. If you are coming to Sweden to receive planned dental care, you will require a permit from your home country. With such a permit, you will pay the same price for dental care as someone insured in Sweden. Permits are granted by the social insurance agency of your home country

Dental care for children and young adults visiting Sweden

All children and young adults from the Nordics, EU, Liechtenstein and Switzerland are entitled to free emergency dental care when staying temporarily in Sweden, up until December 31 of  the year that they turn 21. In order to receive such dental care you must be able to provide your EHIC card.


Dental care for students visiting Sweden

Students from the Nordics, EU, Liechtenstein and Switzerland are entitled to emergency dental care under the same terms as those who are insured in Sweden. In order to receive such dental care, you must be able to provide your EHIC card. Students from other countries, not governed by any special agreement with Sweden, will bear the entire cost of dental care themselves.