Kallax gårdsbutik

Here you will find interior decoration, beautiful new things, charmingly worn ones and items of our own design. Enjoy a fika at the cosy farm café, weather permitting you can sit out in the garden or on the veranda. Buy hand-picked delicacies such as: crowberries, blueberries, cloudberries and spruce shoot syrup, sallow thorn marmalade, arctic raspberry and cloudberry jam, vegetables fermented in lactic acid and handmade candy. Discover the beverages, Flowering Queen-of-the-meadow and Midnight Sun Sangria. www.kallaxgardsbutik.se

Lilla Skafferiet

The café offers sweet fika, healthy fika and lunchtime salads. The organic coffee is brewed, the cups are flowery and the kitchen sofa is ready. The bakery provides sweet bread, pastries, sandwich layered cakes and raw food. The meat counter offers everything from classics such as marrow bones, to dry-aged sirloin. In thecountry store you will find organic and locally produced ingredients. www.lillaskafferiet.se

Hemmagastronomi deli – Luleå’s Market Hall

Here you will find everything you need to create culinary wonders. Vegetables, ice cream, farm-labelled, dry-aged meat, and a cheese, fish and shellfish counter. www.hemmagastronomi.se

Biergo viltbutik

Biergo shop and café, offering reindeer and other wild game products, combined with wild berries. Try the Sami bread, Gáhkku with lightly smoked reindeer meat, gurpi. In the store, you will also find gift items and handicraft. www.biergo.se

Antikt och unikt

If you like furniture and interior decoration from the period 1820-1950, don’t miss a visit to Antikt och Unikt in Mörön. This well-stocked shop offers a mix of antiques and beautiful new artefacts. www.antiktochunikt.com


A trading site for locally produced, organic, fairtradeand non-GMO products. Here you will also find a vegetarian and vegan restaurant. In the shop there are dairy products and a year-round selection of fruit and vegetables, as well as a wide range of spices, pasta, flour, cereals – and candy with a taste of Swedish Lapland berries. www.blogg.nordansmak.se

Luleå Konfektyr

In central Luleå you will find Luleå Konfektyr, producing handmade pralines, toffee and confectionery using local berries such as Arctic raspberries, cloudberries and bilberries. They also produce various types of dried berry powder and tea. Here, you can buy a cup of home produced hot cocoa, coffee, tea and ice cream. www.luleakonfektyr.se

Fresh fish from Junköfiskarna

Junköfiskarna is run by the Ökvist family, who have earnedtheir livelihood from the sea, on the island of Junkön since the 18th century. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, Junköfiskarna docks at Luleå’s North Harbour to sell fresh fish straight from the boat. Be sure to make it on time! The catch contains salmon, herring, whitefish and sea trout. During five weeks every autumn, they trawl for vendace, from which the delicacy Kalix vendace roe is harvested. www.junkofiskarna.se

Bottenvikens Bryggeri (Brewery)

Un-filtered, un-boring, un-inhibited, un-mass produced,un-watery, un-artificial. That’s how Bottenvikens Bryggeridescribe their beer. The idea is for every batch to be unique and seasonal. At the restaurants, Bistro Norrland, Fabriken and Hemmagastronomi, you can sample the various brews, with names that pique your curiosity. How about ordering a Dröglapp (Dewlap), Skymnings-napp (Dusk-bite), Skär (Skerry) or Snålblåst (Biting Wind)? www.bottenvikensbryggeri.se