Luleå city and areas around are great for biking. The coastal area is quite flat and the water with river, sea or lakes are always near to give you a fresh breaze. In the archipelago you can bike on long sandy beaches and lovely pine forests at Sandön. In winter time you can also ride your bike on the frozen sea!

Do you want to know more about our biking routes? Then we recommend you read our guide:  Cycling routes in Luleå

Cycling etiquette

When cycling, you almost always have to adhere to the same rules as when driving a car. As a cyclist, you should cycle on cycle paths and if there is no cycle path you should keep to the side of the road. At pedestrian crossings, hop off and walk your bike across. If you cycle across a pedestrian crossing you have a duty to give way to both pedestrians and vehicles. Look carefully when crossing a busy main road, generally you have a duty to give way. Follow the routes in this guide at your own risk.


  • Bicycle helmets are compulsory for everyone under the age of 15. You are recommended to always wear a helmet whilst cycling, regardless of age.
  • Your bicycle must have a bell.
  • Front and rear lights and reflectors must be mounted on your bicycle. A white front light and a red rear light (applies in darkness).
  • Cycling on the pavement is prohibited.


Good to have:

  • Extra bicycle tyre inner tube and tyre lever
  • Pump or CO2 cartridge
  • Repair kit
  • Multi-tool with hex key


  • Check the brakes
  • Check tyre pressure
  • Check saddle height
  • Check that your handlebar is secured

A cycling map with all cycle paths in Luleå is available to collect from the Luleå Tourist Centre. PDF version:

A bicycle pump can be found by the bus station at the Storgatan-Hermelinsgatan intersection.

Tour boats

In summer and autumn, tour boats will take you to the largest and most popular islands in the Luleå archipelago: Sandön, Hindersön, Junkön, Kluntarna and Brändöskär. This way you will also reach the Luleå Council cottages, Jopikgården on Hindersön and Klubbviken on Sandön. The tour boats depart from Luleå’s South Harbour. Schedule and more information available online:

The right of public access

Do not disturb, do not damage. In Sweden, we are allowed to move freely in our natural environments. We are allowed to pick flowers, berries, and mushrooms. We are allowed to bathe, pitch tents, hike, cycle, travel by boat, set up campfires and do all other things that are part of outdoor living. The right of public access (Allemansrätten) is a privilege and a freedom that relies upon us being careful and treating our natural surroundings with respect. Causing harm to animals, plants or the environment is prohibited and we must treat landowners and other people who are enjoying our great outdoors with respect.

Special restrictions. Naturally, you may not pick protected plant species. Nature reserves and national parks often have special restrictions which limit the right of public access. There may also be regulations governing, for instance speed limits, water skiing and leashing of dogs. Motorised vehicles may not be used on bare ground, off-road.

Bird protection areas. In the archipelago there are bird protection areas where disembarkation is prohibited during part of the year, normally between May 1 and August 1.

Fishing. The sea is open to fishing but there are rules on how, when and what you are allowed to fish. Lakes and rivers require fishing licenses.

Luleå - A cycling city

Cycling friendly. Luleå is considered one of the ten most cycling friendly places in all of Sweden. When it comes to traditional, urban cycling there is a welldeveloped network of routes that will take you around the city and to most places you might want to visit. The city has about 170 km of cycling routes. Luleå is also a part of the network, Svenska Cykelstäder (Swedish Cycling Cities), a network working to promote cycling in Swedish cities and towns. Here, we would like to give you inspiration on where to cycle and show you nice places to visit, both near and a bit farther away. We recommend a visit to the Luleå Tourist Centre, they can provide you with even more tips and advice. There, you can also pick up the Luleå Cycling Map that will show you all the cycling routes in the city. A cycle pump can be found at the Storgatan-Hermelinsgatan intersection and it is naturally free to use.

Fatbike. Luleå is known as a paradise for fatbike enthusiasts. The fatbike is an all-terrain bicycle with extremely wide tyres that allow it to easily navigate rough terrain. A mire or a large stone field is no match for a fatbike.

Mountain bike. Tracks for off-road cycling are found on Ormberget and in Karlsvik. There are trails for both beginners and experienced cyclists alike.

Guided tours & bicycle rental

Ouroboros - Luleå Archipelago Adventures 

Fatbike Adventures

Bicycle rental


Biking guide

For inspiration on where to take your bike for a ride, download our biking guide:

Cycling routes in Luleå > (ENG)

Or order a printed copy från Luleå Turistcenter.