Throughout Luleå, there are several running and walking trails, many of them illuminated. In every village and in most residential areas, these tracks provide opportunities for outdoor exercise. Here, we have selected a few of the most popular and accessible trails that Luleå has to offer.


Ormberget is Luleå’s number one outdoor activity and exercise area. Here you will find approximately 30 kilometres of trails that you can use all year round. In summer, runners flock to the area to run the well-worn trails. Here, you will find everything from shorter, less rugged tracks to longer and highly challenging trail systems. If you want a real challenge, we recommend that you take the 10 km track, which you can find by following the signs.

In winter, this is also a lively place as one of Luleå’s most popular sports, cross-country skiing, is in season. Day and night, even at very cold temperatures, the ski trails are filled with leisure skiers and professionals sharing this fantastic trail system.

Find your way here: Ormberget is located a couple of kilometres from central Luleå. If travelling by car, drive towards the village Bensbyn and take the slip road to the right, up towards the Ormberget facility. The road is well sign posted. You can also take a local bus to Ormberget.

Good jogging paths in the city centre

If you are staying in central Luleå, you can find good jogging paths just a stone’s throw away. One popular route to take is the trail around Gültzauudden to Oscarsvarv. The route is a couple of kilometres long, the terrain is not very rugged and the surroundings are scenic, near both the river and the sea. It’s a good idea to go for a run or a walk here in the evening, as the city has settled down and you will really be able to breathe in the tranquility by the water and in the forest out on the cape.

Find your way here: One surefire way is to start outside Norrbottensteatern, following the quay away from the city centre, towards the residential buildings by the water. Follow the walking path and you will eventually, after passing the tip of Gültzauudden and the small boat harbour by the Hälsans Hus sports area, reach the Bergnäs Bridge (the arched bridge across the Lule River). Keep following the trail around the water’s edge and you will soon be back in the city again.

Hälsans stig (the Health Trail)

Hälsans stig in Luleå is found in a central and scenic location around Skurholmsfjärden. Along the trail, there are many rest stops with beautiful views, where you can catch your breath during your walk. The trail consists primarily of gravel walking paths, but there are some asphalt sections too. This trail is approximately four kilometres long and popular amongst the locals.

Find your way here: The closest access point to the trail in the city is the train station. From there, follow it via the bridge that takes you across the railroad tracks. At the end of the bridge, veer left along the trail. Then follow it around the water’s edge until you are back at the station.