Luleå has several hiking trails, each with their own history, each showcasing distinctive parts of Luleå’s natural environment. Near central Luleå, where you can easily take a bus or cycle, there are several good trails offering nature experiences well worth a hike.

Below you will find recommendations for the most popular and accessible trails and how to reach them. If you are seeking more in-depth information on hiking, we recommend that you contact the Luleå Tourist Centre, found in Kulturens Hus in Luleå. Click here to get in touch with them.

We have listed three favourites which we happily recommend to our visitors:

Hertsöstigen (the Hertsö Trail)

Hetrsöstigen, a 17 kilometre trail, takes you through the Hertsölandet nature reserve in the environs of  Luleå’s large outdoor activity area on the slopes of the Ormberget mountain. On well-worn trails and footbridges across the wet cloudberry-covered mires you can experience a classically Swedish environment with dense forests and a range of trees.

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Several wind shelters and campfire sites are found along the trail, as well as 23 information signs to help you discover everything. Hertsöstigen is a great day trip for both young and old alike. Save for being somewhat long, the hike is easy enough to allow the whole family to participate.

Find your way here:
The nature reserve is located adjacent to Luleå city. To reach Hertsölandet, drive towards Hertsön, continue on Lövskärsvägen and you will reach the reserve. To reach Ormberget, drive towards Björkskatan/Bensbyn. The right exit from the main road up to Ormberget is well sign posted. There are local buses to both Hertsön and Ormberget.

Gammelstadsleden (the Gammelstad Trail)

Gammelstadsleden will, not unexpectedly, take you to Gammelstad Church Town – Luleå’s most popular destination which attracts visitors from all over the world. The church town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and if you would like to know more about Gammelstad, click here.

The trail, which goes from the Porsön residential area to the car park of the Hägnan outdoor museum, is approximately 6 kilometres long and takes you through the Gammelstadsviken nature reserve. The reserve is famous for its rich bird life, unique to northern Scandinavia. For those of you who have an interest in ornithology, this is an absolute must.

The hike is a simple one, suitable for most people.

Find your way here: An entrance to the trail can be found by the Hägnan outdoor museum car park. Parking is found adjacent to the museum. Local bus number 9 will take you to Gammelstad Church Town where you will also find Hägnan. From Porsön, the trail starts at Vänortsvägen, close to Facebook’s server halls. Bus number 4 will take you to Vänortsvägen.


Bälingeberget lies just outside Luleå but even so it is one of the most popular destinations for those eager to hike. This too is a nature reserve with well-walked trails. The Bälingeberget mountain is only 139 metres high and therefore relatively easy to ascend. From the summit, visitors will have a wonderful view of Luleå and the river valley. Bälingeberget is famous for its large boulder ridges, a remnant of the ice age, covering large parts of the mountain’s slopes. Boulder ridges are common in the coastal cities of northern Sweden but Bälingeberget’s wide ridges are something quite out of the ordinary.

Find your way here: Located 15 kilometers west of central Luleå. From Luleå, follow the road on the south side of the Lule River, through Bergnäset and Gäddvik. Follow the signs for “Bälingebergets naturreservat”.