When picturing northern Sweden in winter, one’s mind will often wander to a speedy adventure in the forests, over ice and snow. We would like to bring your attention to dogsledding – the environmentally friendly cousin of snowmobiling.

Because, at the end of the day, you’re going for the same thing – the adrenaline rush you get from riding behind behind a pack of excited huskies is definitely similar to the exhilaration of a snowmobile ride.

However, dogsledding is so much more than just adventure, speed and transportation. A dogsled tour with one of the companies offering such guided tours in Luleå gives you a glimpse into their way of life. Dogs are, unlike motorised vehicles, they are individuals with personalities. It is the interplay between the musher and their dogs that makes this winter activity so special. And it’s not just the relationship between musher and dogs – you get to step into someone else’s everyday life and share it for a while. This closeness makes it an even more unique experience.

When you visit Keijo at Örarna, Mauro in Avan or Ulf and Caisa at Svedjekojan for that matter, you will be getting the real deal. You can sit with Keijo at his kitchen table and have coffee with him. You will get to cook at Mauro’s farm after the sledding tour is over. You will be invited to warm yourself at Ulf and Caisa’s place, after the cold winds have whipped your clothes. Dogsledding is one of the most popular activities here in northern Sweden, always on the list of most booked activities here in Luleä and Swedish Lapland. This is no accident, of course. It can be attributed to not only the rush that you get during a dogsled ride, but also to the unique meeting between man, dog and nature.                  

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