Luleå is a city that loves ice. Centuries of winter and frozen seas have made ice a natural part of Luleå as a city and consequently the people of Luleå have developed a particularly strong relationship with ice skating.

The interest is further heightened by the successful ice hockey teams, always fighting for medals amongst Sweden’s best teams and also by Alexander Majorov, Sweden’s best figure skater in modern times, who hails from the city.

However, maybe it’s the ice track, the 13 kilometre ice skating paradise that surrounds central Luleå that really earns Luleå its name as an ice skating city. For both visitors and locals alike, the ice track may well be the most popular destination in the city. For more than 15 years, it has encircled Luleå in winter and offered the people of Luleå world-class ice skating on natural ice.

The fact is that the locals themselves did not fully appreciate the greatness of the ice track until 2016, when suddenly world famous ice skaters from the Netherlands showed up, trying to set a world record for fastest skating on natural ice. The visiting skaters all said that it may well have been the best ice track they had ever seen and that they would be happy to come back. News of the amazing ice track spread all the way to the Ice Skating Association in Amsterdam who upon inspection concluded that the rumours were true and decided to organise events in the major KPN Grand Prix series on the ice outside Luleå. Everyone, from professionals to leisure skaters, share the 30 metre wide track and pay nothing for it – skating here is completely free. Something shared by both professionals and hobbyists is the fascination with the fact that the ice track is so close to the city centre.

One moment you can sit in a trendy café or lie in your hotel bed and only minutes later you can be out skating on sea ice. This makes Luleå’s ice track something very special. Ice skates can be rented from Äventyrsbutiken Hägglunds in the middle of central Luleå. If you would like a guided tour, you can contact Explore Luleå or Ouroborus.