Few things, except for maybe reindeer and northern lights, are more typically Arctic than the snowmobile. Up here, we simply call it skoter (pronounced almost like scooter), so that’s all you need to say if you’re looking to book a tour or rent a vehicle.

Snowmobiling is very popular amongst the people of Luleå. It is a remarkably efficient mode of transport in our part of the world and it sets your pulse racing too. Snowmobiles are powerful vehicles, built to traverse rugged, snow-covered terrain and it probably provides the best way to reach those winter gems that are a little less accessible.

Taking the snowmobile from the city, along the snowmobile trail out to Hindersön, to enjoy a lunch in the enchanting tranquillity of the archipelago, is a favourite with the locals, especially on a weekend day when the sun smiles at the city. If you are inexperienced at snowmobiling, we strongly recommend that you book a guided tour, such as Brändön Lodge. They can take you on a four-hour snowmobile safari across the sea ice of the Gulf of Bothnia, to the idyllic island of Brändöskär. On the journey, you and your company will be treated to Swedish fika, light snacks and beverages, and lunch cooked on a large Muurikka griddle pan. Also Explore Luleå offers guided snowmobile tours south of Luleå city. 

In and around Luleå there are several trails for those who wish to go exploring by snowmobile on their own. Some trails will take you around Luleå and out into the archipelago, whilst others can take you hundreds of kilometres, to other cities, if your lust for adventure cannot be satisfied by Luleå’s snowmobile trails alone. For more information on snowmobile trails, we recommend you visit this website.

There are companies offering snowmobile hire for visitors. Xentus, located near Luleå Airport, have several different package deals and you get to choose what best suits your needs. Here, you can also hire snowmobile wear (yes, there is special snowmobile wear and for good reason). They will make sure that you have all the equipment you need. It is important that you are aware of applicable rules and regulations for snowmobiling before you head out into the snowy terrain. Remember that a snowmobile is not a toy and that you must always wear a helmet. You need to have a licence that allows you to drive a snowmobile in your home country. You are exempted from this rule only as part of group whose leader/guide is authorised for snowmobile tourism.