Fill in this web form if you want to show your events in the calendar at We publish events that are open to the public, organized in Luleå and follow the criteria below.


The event calendar is not a market or advertisement site. Attracting visitors where the main purpose is different from the event itself is not approved, such as a shop that offers coffee and / or entertainment in order to attract more customers.

• The event should be of interest to both visitors and local residents.

• The event should take place within Luleå municipality's borders.

• The event should be a public arrangement, thus open to the public.

• A commercial event is only published if it concerns something "in addition to the regular offers or opening hours".

This may not be published:

• Event tips that can be perceived as offensive or those who have racist or sexistic messages.

• Ads or business opening hours.

• Different types of courses.

• Religious and political events, such as: worship or political meetings. Exceptions: Concerts or open-ended activities in the church are allowed. A lecture that is open to the public, with eg A parliamentary politician is also allowed.

Approval and publication of events

All events are approved prior to publication based on the above rules and criteria. Approval of events takes place during Luleå Tourist Center opening hours.

Need help?

All organizers submit their own events directly in the web form. If you have any problems with the event, contact Tourist Center in Kulturens Hus and we will guide you.

Canceled event

Remember, it is important that you contact us and notify if your event is canceled!