There are many campsites in Luleå and they are immensely popular. Every summer, Luleå is flooded with guests from our neighboring country to the west – During the summer months, the sound of Norwegian in the city surprises no one.

The two most popular campsites are located near each other and are most easily accessed via the E4 motorway.

First Camp, found in the Karlsvik locality on the western side of the Lule River, is a large campsite featuring all the amenities you would hope for as a guest. Here you will also find mini golf, a large bathing beach and a shop, just to mention but a few of the features of this popular facility. Near First Camp lies Arcushallen, an indoor hall for athletics and football – the road there is clearly signed, making it a good idea to follow the signs there when trying to find your way to the camp. When you see Arcushallen on your left hand side, just continue straight down towards the water and you will find First Camp.

In the area around Arcushallen there are tennis and padel courts available for booking.

Closer to the E4, just on the shore of the Lule River, you will find Örnvik. This facility is very easy to find – just after passing the bridge across the river there is a large collection of buildings, cottages and a conference facility that is difficult to miss. That is Örnvik. Follow the signs towards the Storheden commercial district and then turn towards Örnvik.

Storheden, Luleå’s large trade district, sometimes called the heart of commerce in northern Sweden, is only a stone’s throw away from both these camping facilities. There, you will find many large outlet stores with affordable products.

It is easy to reach the city from the campsites, either by taking the E4 north by car and then turning towards Luleå or by taking the road to Gäddvik and entering Luleå by the Bergnäsbron bridge. There are also well-signed cycle paths that will take you into the city.

Outside Luleå, about 30 kilometres to the north, you will find the campsite, Rörbäcks Camping, in a scenic location near the sea. The facility is located in the Råne River Valley, a true gem for those of you who wish to enjoy the natural environment. Rörbäcks Camping lies on the east side of the E4, just outside Jämtön.