Luleå has several hotels of a very high standard in the city centre, close to nature, shopping and restaurants. However, if you are looking for cheaper, simpler accommodation, there are options both in the city and just outside.

If we start in central Luleå we will find City Sleep – a hostel located by the North Harbour, brimming with bars and restaurants. From here, nothing is far away, you will find both the city and the Travel Centre in close proximity. If you should choose to visit the Gammelstad Church Town, Luleå’s most popular tourist destination, it might be a good choice to stay overnight at Gammelstads Gästhem (Guesthouse) located on the outskirts. The Gammelstad Church Town is the place from which Luleå traces its origins, this is where Luleå was located before the 17th century. The land uplift, still continuing to this day after the recession of the inland ice sheet thousands of years ago, made it impossible to run a trading port there, because the harbour became too shallow. So – if you would like a more historical touch to your overnight stay, this is the perfect destination. We also recommend making a visit to Shop in Lapland where you will find arts and crafts from the region, which tell the story of the people and animals that have lived here throughout the centuries.

For smaller groups we recommend a stop at the Kallax Gårdsbutik (Farm Shop) where the Wikström sisters invite you to enjoy a cup of coffee and their homemade cloudberry jam. If you would like to stay the night, there is a farm hotel at your disposal, allowing you to relax for as long as you would like to in the idyllic village of Kallax, 5 kilometres from central Luleå.