BEAT is finally here once again, so this time the DJ team wants you to join in and transform STUK to the Classical era for one epic night!

It is said that once every autumn everyone gathered in the ancient city of Athens to charge up before the darkness of the winter with a roaring party! All wore similar outfits because the tradition BYOT (Bring Your Own Toga) was huge. In a sea of white togas they danced to the music of the future, late into the night.

So come as Julius Caesar, King Leonidas, a muse or perhaps a "feeder of grapes" and soak up the heady atmosphere among vines and ancient monuments!

As previously the non studentes also are very welcome to this epic event.

Prices for the evening:
Student union member: 100 SEK
Student: 125 SEK
Other mass: 150 SEK.

Students' pre-sale tickets will be released on Monday the 26th of september at 11 am in the LKAB bar. As a student you also can purchase pre-sale tickets to non-students then.

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