Luleå has many good sides. Here we tell you about some of them. About attractions, experiences, resources, environments and attractions. It's short stories that we call Original Luleå Story.

Here you will also meet some inhabitants from Luleå. Some are known as profiles in sports, culture and entertainment. But most are ordinary inhabitants from Luleå and do things that we do in Luleå.

We know that Luleå inhabitants are proud and happy in their hometown. These stories are examples of what we can and want to tell them who is here on a visit, or even do not live here, yet.

Luleå, the heart of northern Sweden, has small-town nearness and big-city offerings, the vitality of a university and an innovative business sector. A real winter city with a white winter playground and a beautiful summer archipelago, Luleå tops the Swedish sunshine league year after year. Luleå is expanding and the residents are increasing every year.