Luleå is a city of hearts. Local residents have a growing love of the city and the nature surrounding it. The nerve centre of Norrbotten and the heart of northern Sweden, Luleå is quite simply an open, tolerant, modern and wonderful place to live. Inspiring workplaces, safe and secure housing, enriching education and the power of nature; Luleå has all the good things in life and, here, there is a place for everyone.

Two people who decided to move to Luleå from Åbo are Kirsti Reuhkala and Lydia Kokkola. The seed of their love story that was sown via social media grew stronger after their first meeting. They had bad weather to thank. Lydia’s house was snowed in and she turned to Kirsti for help. After nine months together they tied the knot and, since 2012, they have been residents of Luleå. They made the move shortly after Lydia Kokkola received a job offer from Luleå University of Technology.

Their first meeting with the city happened to coincide with the opening day of Luleå’s first pride festival. Kirsti and Lydia dropped what they were doing, left their unpacking for another day and joined the parade. The couple love living here and, above all, they appreciate being close to nature and Luleå’s walkways and cycle paths.

“We want to stay,” they say.