In Luleå's archipelago, visitors can choose from among more than 1,300 islands. Nature experiences, cultural history and favourite hide-away spots make for unforgettable summer days. Whether it's great fishing, bathing, hiking or a wealth of flora and fauna, there is always something for everyone.

Luleå's archipelago stretches from the Västerbotten border in the south to the Finnish border in the northeast. The many islands make Luleå's archipelago one of the most beautiful in Sweden.

Explore the archipelago on your own, take a day trip on a tour boat or stay overnight in one of the many rental cabins on several of the islands. Here, you'll discover long, sandy beaches as well as rocky cliffs. Several times daily there are regular tour-boat departures for a variety of destinations. Passengers can go ashore at the islands listed below.

Klubbviken, on Sandön, is a favourite among people of all ages. Here, you'll find playgrounds, beaches, saunas, a guest harbour and a volleyball court. In the restaurant, guests enjoy food and drink with a lovely view of the shining Lule River. For the adventurous, both kayaks and pedal boats are available for rent. And if you want to keep having fun, why not stay overnight in one of the island's rental cabins?

Hindersön is in many ways unique and a prime example of Norrbotten's archipelago and agricultural heritage milieus. People who settled here as early as the 1500s subsisted on fishing, farming and sealing. The old farmsteads and fishing harbours make Hindersön an exciting cultural heritage milieu. Much of Hindersön is covered by spruce, but there are also pine forests and sandy heaths. Jopikgården, a guest house on the island, has great food and is fully licensed.

Kluntarna is the perfect island for those who are interested in wildlife and nature. There is a natural history information centre, and the nature trail, Naturstigen, is a great way of seeing the island. Other attractions include labyrinths and ancient ruins. Hiking trails take visitors around the island and old fishing hamlets are worth a visit. Rental cabins are available and there are fire pits and saunas.

Junkön, one of the largest islands in the archipelago, features authentic cultural heritage settings. Fish, bathe, picnic and visit a fascinating 200-year-old windmill. Junkön also has an archipelago museum, and there is access to lavatories, sauna, showers, electricity, freshwater, café (open during the summer season), trailer ramp, fire pits and more. Here, there are also cabins where you can stay overnight.