Drawing hotels and other buildings that stand out. For Anders Björkén, nothing could be more fun. This award-winning architect from Luleå was long unaware of his hidden talent.

Over the years, career choices led him down different paths. Finally, in 2000, he found a new forte. At that time he ran Luleå restaurant Pimpinella, which was later renamed Magneto.

Anders Björkén was offered a job by an architect who had seen how, time after time, he had reinvented Pimpinella. Björkén said he knew nothing of architecture, but the prospective employer claimed that, on the contrary, of course he did, he just didn't realize it.

Three months later Anders Björkén started his own company, which is now known as Björkén Architects. What characterizes his work is that each job is unique. He has specialized in hotels and has provided designs for, among others, Clarion Hotel Arlanda, Farris Bad & Hotel and Berns Hotel. Professionally, Björkén's travels throughout the world. He can have an evening meeting in one city only to find himself, hours later, preparing for a morning meeting in another. But he has never entertained the thought of leaving his home town. Luleå is still his favourite place.