Today, he runs one of Lulea’s biggest companies, StudentConsulting. But things might very well have been otherwise. Tobias Lindfors's plan was to become PE teacher. At the last moment, instead of doing a teaching degree, he opted to study in Luleå and play soccer with IFK Luleå.

StudentConsulting started modestly in 1997 and became a limited shareholding company in 1999. Business really picked up in 2005, with a 19-million-krona loan from Norrlandsfonden, and co-founders Tobias Lindfors and Niklas Jansson appointed a board that was chaired by Bengt Wallentin from Frontec.

Between 2005 and 2007 sales rocketed from 32 million kronor to 311 million. The company, now one of the Nordic regions leading manning and recruiting firms, specializes in students, university grads and young people at the start of their careers. This has made StudentConsulting Sweden's fastest-growing company three times in the past five years. Tobias Lindfors won the distinction Businessman of the Year in Luleå in 2005 and 2009, Businessman of the Year in Sweden in 2010 and Entrepreneur of the Year in Sweden in 2011.

In addition to student manning and recruiting, operations have been extended to include manning and recruiting of recent university graduates. StudentConsulting also provides contracted services, including customer service and administration. For example, CDON's Finnish support has moved from Malmö to Luleå. In future, StudentConsulting will expand these operations and all services provided in all 93 operating locations will be managed from Luleå. During 2014 this will mean 60-100 new jobs in Luleå.

That the company is based in Luleå is no accident. It all started in Luleå and, here, there is good access to personnel from the university, as well as low staff turnover. For Tobias Lindfors, Luleå is an oasis. Extensive travel and work mean long days for Tobias. At home in Luleå, he welcomes the time to relax and enjoy the family life.