Luleå has room for all the things that we value in life. There are exciting work places, good housing, studying opportunities and closeness to nature. A feeling of having found home, real friends and true love.

Yes, they fell in love. Mats Ohlsson and Lisa Wikström. So much that Mats moved over 1,500 km from Malmö to Luleå to be with his love. They now live here and on the most romantic of days, February 14, 2014, they were married in the Ice Music concert hall at Gültzauudden in Luleå. It was a sparkling wedding, which was also the first of its kind. Presiding over the ceremony was Luleå City Council member, Yvonne Stålnacke.

“It was a fantastic day in a city that has come to mean very much. The combination of Lisa and Luleå means I have found home,” says Mats Ohlsson.

The happy couple share interests like golf, fishing and family life, and enjoy the closeness to Luleå’s natural surroundings.

“Everything is so close here, whether we are attending the kids’ soccer games, going out to eat in the city or going for a walk in nature. In addition, the winter climate is quite pleasant compared to Skåne,” continues Mats.

We congratulate Mats and Lisa on their first anniversary. The wedding was documented as part of Luleå’s campaign Alla hjärtans stad (Valentine’s City). You can see the wedding video to the right.