Luleå is a shopping town with both a vibrant center and outlying trade areas.

Along the downtown main street, Storgatan, the shops, cafés and restaurants are lined up as well as three major shopping malls – Smedjan, Strand and Shopping. The latter was Sweden’s first indoor shopping center and was built as early as the 1950’s.

Storheden, near the E4 highway, is one of Norrland’s largest retail trade areas. Here you will find a wide range of home decorations and furniture, building and garden supplies, fashion and cosmetics, tools and auto parts, electronics and toys, food and groceries, restaurants and cafés and more.

Luleå Homecenter is a shopping area for house and home. The area stretches from the town center along Bodenvägen. Homecenter offers everything from automobiles, food and toys to paint, appliances, home furnishings, restaurants and hotels etc.