Over the years, the Municipality of Luleå has supported culture and the arts to create a good living environment for residents.

Norrbottensteatern, Sweden's first regional theatre company, was established in 1967. The theatre company has been decisive for Luleå's development as a centre of culture. The theatre in Norra hamn is one of Luleå's arts centres. The other, just across the bay from Norrbottensteatern, is Kulturens hus. Kulturens hus, with concert halls, a library and gallery, is a favourite living space among Luleå residents. It is also home to Norrbottensmusiken, an organization which promotes music in the county, including productions by Norrbotten Big Band, one of Sweden's best big bands.

Luleå is also the home of Filmpool Nord, one of Sweden's four national centres for feature-film production, and BD Pop, a development company for popular music. In Luleå you'll also find Norrbottens museum, our county museum, and one of Sweden's world heritage sites: Gammelstad church village.

We also have a theatre arts college, which shares premises with Norrbottensteatern. In the same building, Luleå Rytmik- och Balettförening offers dance instruction and activities for children and youths. Streetdance group Exiled Dance Crew performs modern dance forms such as street and breakdance. Lule Stassteater and Scratch are free theatre groups that perform for children. Galleri Syster is a creative centre for young graphic artists.

Education plays an important role in the culture scene. Sunderby Folkhögskola has an art programme that has played a decisive role in the development of many local artists. In the municipal culture school more than 5,000 children and youths are active in programmes for music, dance, graphic arts and drama.