The music from Luleå does not apologize for anything. Both lyrics and music go straight to the point without a doubt. Everything from punk, hardcore and metal to hip hop and indie. The sounds of the industrial city are interpreted by guitars, bass, drums and defiant voices. Mellow singer-songwriters, sultry blues bands, in-your-face-rap and a big band that many feel is Sweden’s best.

Poet and rock musician Mattias Alkberg remains a central figure in Luleå’s music scene. His younger colleague Magnus Ekelund reinvents himself regularly and has gone from indie rock with the band Stålet to old school hip-hop using the stage name Kitok. The group, Movits, have their own sound, which is best described as a mix of jazz, swing and hip hop. And their colleague Zacke, the rapper with a big Luleå heart.

Punk rock band Tiger Bell is known for their fast and furious songs. Tiger Bell’s debut album “Slaughter Daughters” arrived in 2013, and was dedicated to Luleå’s Roller Derby team. Tiger Bell has toured Europe in support of their album release. Luleå’s latest musical export is pop band The Magnettes, that also sing songs in one of the local native Finnish dialects, Meänkieli. The Magnettes have been out on tour in the USA and England, and are featured in the SVT documentary “Välja väg”.