Working in a creative profession has a lot to do with being a problem solver. That appeals to architect Josefina Nordmark, who manages the award-winning architectural firm Nordmark & Nordmark. Josefina grew up in Kalix, where there was little in the way of innovative architecture to inspire her. On the other hand, the profession involves so much more than just buildings. She gathers inspiration from different directions – nature, people and social life.

Own business

After completing her studies at Chalmers in Gothenburg and working for architectural firms in Gothenburg and Stockholm she headed north. There, a job with a company in Luleå was waiting. After just a few years Josefina took the decision to start her own business. The time was right. Norrbotten is in a strong phase of development and there is a lot of building construction under way. Luleå is a strategic location for her business, since it is in the middle of a growing region with good connections with the rest of Sweden. Nordmark & Nordmark now has four employees, three in Luleå and one in Stockholm, and clients throughout Sweden.