Luleå is a seaport located on the east coast of the country and in the northern archipelago. This makes Luleå one of Sweden’s sunniest cities.

Year after year Luleå ranks high on the sunshine chart that is measured at midsummer in June and then onward for 7 weeks. Last year Luleå won the year’s most important national competition – Solligan (The Sunshine League). The summer of 2014 was unusually hot, and in all of Sweden, Luleå offered the most beautiful weather.

 Luleå is known for its sunny summers, but it’s not just the sun that lights up the city. Luleå’s ambassadors also play a big role, and took part in celebrating the win of Solligan (This ambassadors you can see in the video).

Luleå won last years sunshine award 2014 by a wide margin with 664 hours of sunshine, which was almost 100 hours more than second place Umeå. The measurements were conducted ​​by Swedish Television and sunshine hours were calculated at 14 locations around Sweden since midsummer. Luleå has scooped up five wins, five second places and two third places since the competition started in 1990.

 New for this year is a trophy that is presented to the sunny winner. From now on the trophy will be awarded to the city that wins the year’s Solligan (Sunshine League).

 Winning the sunshine award was celebrated with a party in the city center where everyone had the chance to take a picture with the trophy.