Summer, winter, spring and fall. In Luleå, sports and outdoor activities never cease.

In addition to all the sports facilities the city offers, the location and the clear change of seasons present many opportunities for a diverse range of sports and outdoor activities – for Luleå residents and visitors alike. Whether you are an elite athlete or a regular exercise junkie, you’ll find something for all lovers of fitness.

During the winter the city’s snow-covered slopes attract those looking for a day out in the winter sun. On Ormberget and Måttsund you will find both child-friendly ski slopes and beautiful cross-country trails. In February, the plowed ice rink in Luleå welcomes skaters, joggers, cross country skiers and kick sleds out on the ice.

As we welcome spring, the ice melts, and the seaside town of Luleå comes to life. Sailboats and canoes are a common sight along the coast, and exercise and orientation tracks burst with life and spirit.

But it’s not just outdoor life that thrives. Do you like zumba, indoor walking, circuit training or any other type of exercise? Luleå offers a large range of gym facilities both large and varied. Just in the past year, two new cross fit gyms have opened their doors.

In the new Luleå Energi Arena, just as in many other of Luleå’s gyms and stadiums, accessibility is an advantage. Elite teams as well as talented youngsters train here, in everything from basketball and soccer, to climbing and various martial arts.