Exiled Dance Crew

Since 2003 Exiled Dance Crew has spread their beautiful moves in Luleå and vicinity. Today, the dance group has grown to become a hub for street dance in the county, which produces dancers, dance shows and dance competitions.

It started with a feeling, “We want to dance, so we do”. And, so the street and breakdance troupe, Exiled Dance Crew, was born. Currently there are around 200 people every week dancing for any of Exiled Dance Crews dance teachers at their own premises on Köpmangatan in downtown Luleå.

The founder, Jouni Vesa, has won several awards for his commitment to dance in the county, and has inspired many to take their first dance steps. Some of the dance group members have competed in the Breakdance Championship. Exiled Dance Crew has strengthened and renewed Luleå’s dance scene, and spread the joy of dancing that touches a lot of people.