Luleå is Sweden’s basketball capital with teams playing at all levels, and a women’s and men’s team at the elite level. The city also has the largest number of enthusiastic supporters – a mighty cheerleading squad.

When the new season approaches basketball fever slowly takes hold. Flags are ready to wave, horns are ready to blow and the fans are charged up for another exciting basketball season. Luleå, Sweden’s basketball capital, is more than ready to support their elite teams all the way.

Luleå Basket is one the top teams in the women’s league. The club was formed in 1979 with the name Luleå Basketball Club and is currently one of Sweden’s strongest women’s squads. The team has played in the top league for ten years and has won five SM (Swedish Championship) silver medals. The long-awaited gold medal came in 2014, when the club won its first national championship. And this achievement was followed up in 2015 with another gold medal. Of course, as Sweden’s best basketball fans, we support the team with everything we have – and hope for a basketball hat trick – three wins in a row! Luleå Basket also has two junior teams – a U20 team and a U18 team – that plays SM (Swedish Championship) matches throughout the year. In the 2011/12 season the U20 team took home the coveted gold medal.

Luleå’s elite men’s team, BC Luleå, was established in 1976. The club was called Plannja Basket, until 2010 when the team changed it to LF Basket, their main sponsor to insurance provider, Länsförsäkringar Norrbotten. To the 2015/16seson the team changed the name to BC Luleå, but still with Länsförsäkringar Norrbotten as the main sponsor. With seven national championships on their court, BC luleå has over the years been the leading basketball club in Sweden. At home games the crowds chant in unison and the fans stand together to show their support. We are now getting ready to cheer on another national gold medal!

Luleå gives birth to new basketball talent from the youth teams every year. At Luleå National Basketball High School, players get the chance to further develop and thrive in their sport. Many of the city’s and the country’s elite basketball players have trained at Luleå National Basketball High School. The home arena, Luleå Energi Arena is one of the country’s finest venues.